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First Time

All Around a Good Experience

by Patrick Daly

Racine, Wisconsin

This weekend, I took my first train ride ever. I went from Sturtevant, Wisconsin,, to Union Station, Chicago, Illinois to Dearborn, Michigan and back. I was very impressed with Sturdivant's station — clean, well lit (I left at 6:15 am) and adequate parking. Union Station was very impressive as well. While I am not a fan of city life or crowded urban areas, the station ran very smoothly and handled the volume of people from all over, not just the Amtrak folks but the Metra folks as well. Dearborn, on the other hand, was not very impressive at all — knock it down and start over.

My train rides themselves were very comfortable as well. Nice roomy seats, attentive and interactive staff, cleanliness of the facilities — and the scenery was nice too.

I will definitely travel Amtrak again in the future — the price is good (and that's before my military discount), the conductors are friendly. All around a good experience.