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A Tale of Two Sunsets

My Two Rides on the Sunset Limited

by Anthony Lege

Lafayette, Louisiana

I decided that I wanted to try Amtrak for a trip home from visiting my brother in Houston. I ended up with a surreal feeling as the train entered the station. The conductor punched my ticket, and I boarded to find my Coach seat. At lunch time, I made my way to the Dining Car where I was met by Howard, a very nice attendant who made lunch a very enjoyable experience.

As the train passed farms, other trains and city skylines on the five hour trip home, I found myself mystified by the beauty that is unseen by sticking to highways.

The best part is this, a week later I was back in Houston visiting my brother, so I decided to ride the Sunset Limited again. I was not disappointed. I had a different conductor, but surprisingly when I walked into the Dining Car for lunch, who was I greeted by once again, but Howard, who even remembered me from the previous trip, and remembered what I had to eat. Now that is what I call great service.

I spent the rest of my trip in the Sightseer Lounge, where I once again enjoyed the scenery that never seems to get old. I plan on taking friends and family for the ride that hooked me on Amtrak. I will also continue to ride Amtrak as much as I can, thanks to the two awesome experiences that I had on the Sunset Limited.