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A Surprise On a Cold Spring Night

"Would You Mind If I Joined You?"

by Charles Kunz

Tempe, Arizona

I live in Arizona and have a girlfriend who lives in Boston, which means we do not see each other as much as we'd like. Therefore, when I come to visit her I like to make sure we do memorable things together. However, on my last visit she got called away on business and had to go to Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Knowing she was going to have a long day, I decided to surprise her by taking Amtrak to New London and then getting on the train there and making her evening.

When I got on the train and found her and said "would you mind if I joined you?" She at first didn't realize it was me, her loving boyfriend, and sighed and said "if you must." She then did a classic double take and nearly cried she was so happily surprised.

We enjoyed the two hour ride back to Boston talking and watching the beauty of the countryside you don't see from an airplane. She said it turned a long day of hers into a memorable time.