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Station Details

How do I find a station?

Using the station search tools you can locate and learn about the features and amenities of every station we service, including your point of departure, your destination or anywhere in between.

You can find our station search tools on:

  • The main 'Stations' page
  • Individual station pages, and
  • The 'Station Information' page in your Tripfolio for each booked trip

To find the nearest Amtrak station, provide any combination of city, state or ZIP code. For best results, provide as much information as possible.

How do I get driving directions to a station?

You can use our station search tools to get driving directions between stations and another location. You can access driving directions from:

  • Individual station pages and
  • The 'Station Information' page in your Tripfolio for each booked trip
Getting More Information About a Station
Every Station Is Unique

Every station Amtrak serves is different. Specific information about each particular station is available on individual station pages on this web site. Visit the main 'Stations' page to find individual station pages.

Finding a Station Page

You may search for a station at the main page of the 'Stations' division of this site by entering city, state or ZIP code, or by entering the station's three-letter station code. Or, you can browse through a list of stations by clicking the 'Station List' link in the Fare Finder tool.

About Individual Station Pages

On an individual station page you can find the station's address and hours, along with information about the availability of Quik-Trak kiosks, ATMs, restrooms, payphones, baggage services, parking, accessibility and more.