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The Empire Builder operates daily between Chicago and Seattle/Portland and was named for James J. Hill, the builder of the Great Northern Railway.

There are 45 station stops on the Empire Builder — the most of any Amtrak route.

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Family Fun on the Empire Builder

A Poem Inspired by Our Wonderful Trip

by Wesley Rediger

Upland, Indiana

On a rollicking train
Cross a grassy plain

We got dizzy and light in the head
In a room where the chairs became the bed
Sleeping was slight
Through the rough ride at night

Should we have flown instead?
No! We'd have missed all the fun
On the train in the sun

And the mountains where mule deer tread
We gathered for lunch
With a happy bunch

And enjoyed fruit salad and bread
Caloric creations
And liquid libations

And flatiron steak dark and red
Mashed potatoes and baked
And Chocolate Mud caked

In the Diner just six cars ahead
We bounced side to side
Up the aisle of the ride

And laughed all the way back to bed
When the train turned home
We rode in the dome

And ridiculous poetry read
With friends from the land
Of the kangaroo and
Their Coffs Harbour beach homestead

It was Susan and Keith
From the Great Barrier Reef
G'deye and I'mite they said

To Chicago from LA
They rumbled their way

On the train where the rambling tracks led
Amish Sarah and Robert
Who'd been led to convert
From traditions they both saw as dead

They rode from Montana
Well past Indiana
To help their relatives wed

And Sandy and Grady
And JoAnn and Wesley
And Harold and sweet Mil-dred

From fun days of travel
Will stories unravel
But this one is fini-shed.