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Amtrak - A History of America's Railroad

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Celebrate Amtrak's rich history as America's Railroad by exploring our history and archives at the new website

Explore the History of Amtrak - America's Railroad

As you check out this site, you will learn more about Amtrak and its history of serving and linking communities across America. We encourage you to share your Amtrak memorabilia too — just use the contact link on the site and we'll let you know how to provide specific items.

Site Highlights

  • Delve into Amtrak's Archives and browse our historic photographs, ads, and other resources from our first 40 years.
  • Explore Amtrak’s History to get a guided tour of how it came to be America's Railroad.
  • Learn about the journey of our historic Exhibit Train.
  • Discover a unique gift, such as our beautiful commemorative book and detailed models of Amtrak trains, in our Amtrak store.

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