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A Cowboy's Journey on the Train

Bringing the Spirit of the Old West Onboard

by John Jensen

Riverside, California

In the days of the old west, the railroad was the way to go. Whether it was to the mountains or desert, trains were the choice of travel. It was a nice view, but names like Billy the Kid and Jesse James were known as cowboys and trains back then were their choice.

Today trains are like railroad limos; some trains have whole restaurants and bars. I love the train and first took Amtrak when I was a kid. I fell in love with it and today I still take Amtrak to San Diego all the time. Like all cowboys I always wear my cowboy boots. Whether its wingtip, cowhide, snake or ostrich, I always make sure to wear a pair because cowboy boots and cowboys are as much a part of the old west as trains.

The railroad is long; you can go anywhere. Whether it’s to New York or to the ocean, Amtrak is always ready. So trust me, Amtrak is fun so come on hop aboard a train. Take it from me, whether you’re traveling with the family or a newlywed or riding solo you don’t need boots to ride. The main reason is to see how beautiful the United States of America truly is, so hop onboard and travel to anywhere.

Who knows, you may see the Amtrak cowboy on your trip. See you on the train.