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Taking its name from the predecessor train that ran its same route, the Capitol Limited travels daily from the nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. to Chicago.

Gracious Living

Memory and Awareness

by Winifred Culkin

Mount Prospect, Illinois

As a child in the 1940s and 50s I enjoyed many train trips between Chicago and Omaha on the Zephyrs, the Burlington and the Milwaukee Road, with my parents, grandparents and sometimes just my younger brother.

I remembered the excitement of the huge trains in the dark station and the final "All Aboard." Back then I could stretch out and sleep on a coach seat. Now, as a senior citizen, I was aware of the kind and gracious manner of the staff on the Capitol Limited as I took the overnight trip from Chicago to Washington, DC, last week.

The Sleeping Car attendant, Charles Parker, greeted me with a smile, an orientation to the car and assurance that he would be walking by to see if anything was needed. He was true to his word and kept the car very clean.

I felt safe, cared for, and totally at ease... I certainly recommend a trip on Amtrak.

Ada, the Dining Car Attendant, stopped by my Roomette to ask about my menu choices and preferred time of reservation. I was seated with fellow passengers in the Dining Car and had fun getting to know them. Later, I slept soundly and woke to find a river running over rocks right outside my window.

I am very happy about the train, the people aboard, the meals and the Roomette. On the way home, although it was faster, I flew in the coach, squeezed into a tiny space, and the only conversation was about my choice of beverage.