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Scenic Overnight Train Rides Transport Us Across the Country in Style

A Wonderful Amtrak Trip All Around

by Helen Maybury

Falls Church, Virginia

My husband and I, both of us in our late 80s, started our journey in March from Washington, DC, on the Capitol Limited full of anticipation for our overnight train rides and were never disappointed. Our accommodations were in a Family Bedroom in the Sleeping Car. The attendants were always welcoming and helpful.

Meals were excellent, generous and beautifully presented. The diner staff were always cheerful. We were seated with other couples which gave us the rich opportunity to meet many interesting people.

After a good night's sleep, we got off at Chicago and were able to have a week with our daughter in Wisconsin, before continuing on to San Francisco, California, via the California Zephyr. We had a month in California near our sons and their families before making the return trip.

We not only enjoyed the comfort of the train, but were thrilled by the spectacular scenery as the train traveled through the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada ranges. Snow had fallen the night before so the scene was breathtaking. I should add that we particularly appreciated the informative Route Guide, which provided the history of the country we were passing through, augmented by the vocal message by a volunteer naturalist.

We look forward to more overnight train rides with our next journey by Amtrak.