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Get Low Prices on Train Tickets from Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago

Start seeing more of your favorite stops in the Midwest for less. Whether it’s for the day to Milwaukee, for the weekend in St. Louis or Chicago, you can get the lowest prices available year-round when you book your travel early. And you’ll enjoy all the comfort, convenience and delicious food and beverages available to you aboard the following routes:

  • Hiawatha
  • Missouri River Runner
  • Empire Builder
  • Lincoln Service, Illini Service and Saluki
  • City of New Orleans
  • Wolverine and Blue Water

Plus, you can travel without the expense of gas or the stress of driving.

Travel to a variety of city destinations, with sample one-way fares including:

Sample one-way fares from:
Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO $27
Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL $24
Chicago, IL to Carbondale, IL $34
Chicago, IL to Springfield, IL $21
East Lansing, MI to Chicago, IL $25
Chicago, IL to Detroit, MI $33
Kansas City, MO to St. Louis, MO $29
Ann Arbor, MI to Chicago, IL $33
Detroit, MI to Chicago, IL $33
Champaign, IL to Chicago, IL $15
Bloomington, IL to Chicago, IL $14
Quincy, IL to Chicago, IL $28
Flint, MI to Chicago, IL $28
Grand Rapids, MI to St. Joseph, MI $16
Kalamazoo, MI to Ann Arbor, MI $23
South Bend, IN to Chicago, IL $18
Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL $24
Lafayette, IN to Chicago, IL $22
Terms and Conditions
  • Seats are limited and fares may not be available on all trains at all times.
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