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Train Ride to Competition on the Sunset Limited

An Excellent Trip Made Better by Wonderful Attendants

by Kathy Churchill

Chandler, Arizona

As a Amtrak traveler, I wanted to share my love of travel. Myself and five other members of the Fiesta Chorus rode the Sunset Limited to Union Station in Los Angeles to get to a competition in which we were participating.

Leaving from Maricopa Arizona, we traveled overnight and arrived one hour ahead of schedule. Then we got off the train and simply headed to the Metro Rail, which was only two tracks down, to get to Pasadena for our convention. Awesome.

After winning medals for Second Place, Small Chorus, we boarded the train to head back to Maricopa. George from the dining car welcomed us and said he would be taking reservations for dinner. The Conductor then came by with Tammy the train attendant to take our tickets.

As we passed by the San Bernadino mountains and the Salton Sea, the six of us went to the Dining Car. Greeted by George, we were served a wonderful meal with dessert by Mark. We then headed back to our seats and were met by Conductor Patrick and chatted with other travelers. One of them was trying to get him to give up his hat.

He and all the other attendants made our ride so enjoyable. My friends can't wait to take another train ride.