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California Coast Family Vacation

An Affordable, Car-Free Trip

by Lorraine Berger


This year we decided to take the train for our annual family vacation rather than dealing with the high price of gas coupled with the hassle of driving to California. What a great decision. With the California Rail Pass we traveled up and down the coast from San Diego to San Francisco, enjoying the views of the ocean most of the way.

With overnight stops in Orange County and several nights in San Francisco, we were able to catch two baseball games (the Angels and the Giants). Aside from the great price of the rail pass making the trip so affordable, we really enjoyed not using a car for almost our entire 10-day adventure. Being a very environmentally aware family, this was especially gratifying for us.

Thank you for your top notch service on all of your trains. We're already planning a longer trip for next summer to visit as many baseball parks as we can, all via train.