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Amtrak Took Me to Tutankhamens Tomb

Our Wonderful Visit to Pennsylvania

by Nathaniel Curtis

Boston, Massachusetts

On August 10th, 2007, my wife and I took the Acela from Boston to Philadelphia to see the Tutankhamen Exhibit at the Franklin Institute. I had traveled to Philadelphia on Acela back in 2004 and was pleased to see that work done in the Northeast Corridor since then has smoothed the ride and made the trip that much quicker.

The train was comfortable, the crew wonderful and we arrived on time and relaxed. Our conductor, Robert, was able to make a steam whistle sound all by himself which kept the family of kids next to us engrossed and entertained.

On the 11th, when we came home, we took the slightly slower Regional service, but arrived in Boston a full ten minutes early having zipped through the hot August night like a dart. Drinking gin and tonics on a fast train in the dead of night with my wife was an amazingly romantic way to end a wonderful visit to Pennsylvania. This licks the plane hands down.