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Our Special Trip to San Francisco

Ben and I are on Our Way

by Rita Napier-Newman

Ventura, California

For my son Ben's fall break week we decided to take a train ride from Ventura, California to San Francisco. It turned out to be a wonderful memorable trip.


On the way north we enjoyed a tour of the California coast from a docent, and my son met a kid who he talked with and played GameBoy with, and I met the boy's mother and we felt like we'd made new "travel" friends. At dinner we met a nice couple traveling our direction and had another interesting conversation. It was so relaxing, and fun too, learning that so many nice people ride the trains. We enjoyed the San Francisco Zoo, especially the anteaters, which my son got a chance to feed.

On our train ride home we met a gentleman from Australia, a school principal on sabbatical, who taught Ben "knots and crosses." You never know who you'll meet on the train. I was kind of sad to see it end and I can't wait to take my next train ride.