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The Auto Train, which travels between Lorton, Virginia, and Sanford, Florida, is the longest passenger train in the world, with two engines and 40-plus passenger rail cars and vehicle carriers.

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Save Your Car and Help the Earth Every Time You Ride

It’s no secret, the Auto Train is one of the easiest ways to take your vehicle with you on your trip without all the hassles that come along with long-distance driving. Riding the Auto Train saves its passengers money on gas and time stuck in traffic on congested roads, lending a helping hand to the earth along the way.

How great is the Auto Train? Let’s look at some of the numbers.

When you ride the Auto Train and take your vehicle off the road, you’re giving the earth a break by minimizing your impact on the environment. The Auto Train emits only about half the greenhouse gasses that would be emitted if all the cars transported by Auto Train were driven on the highway. And with a capacity of up to 370 vehicles per train, the savings really add up.

Put another way, the amount of greenhouse gasses reduced each year using the Auto Train is equivalent to:

  • Taking 3,478 cars off the road for a full year
  • Offsetting the annual use of 478,300 gasoline-powered lawnmowers
  • Offsetting the annual use of 791,245 propane tanks used for home barbecues
  • Carbon sequestered by 4,316 acres of pine or fir forest

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Sources: Amtrak & U.S. EPA data