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Experience the Most Scenic Train Rides on These Amtrak Tours

Explore Our Picks for the 12 Routes that Will Keep You Glued to the Window

Watching the sights roll by is one of the highlights of  these scenic train rides. Below are our picks for the 12 most scenic Amtrak routes. Browse the list and see if you agree.

New York, NY - Montreal, Quebec

Washington, DC - St. Albans, VT

Lake Shore Limited
Chicago, IL - Boston, MA/New York, NY

New York, NY - Pittsburgh, PA

New York, NY - Chicago, IL

Capitol Limited
Washington, DC - Pittsburgh, PA - Chicago, IL

Southwest Chief
Chicago, IL - Los Angeles, CA

Texas Eagle
San Antonio, TX - Chicago, IL

California Zephyr
Chicago, IL - Emeryville/San Francisco, CA

Empire Builder
Chicago, IL - Seattle, WA/Portland, OR

Coast Starlight
Seattle,WA - Los Angeles, CA

Amtrak Cascades
Eugene, OR - Portland, OR - Seattle, WA - Vancouver, BC