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Travel Green with Amtrak

Travel Green® with Amtrak

Recognized as one of the more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, Amtrak strives for a greener passenger rail with practices and tactics for improved fuel and energy efficiency. At Amtrak the earth matters, so travel green and learn how to become even more eco-smart.

Energy Efficient Travel

At Amtrak we're committed to increasing our energy efficiency by improving operating practices and conservation measures as well as reducing emissions. Open up the fact sheet below to read all about it.

Rail's Carbon Footprint

Traveling by train generates a lesser amount of carbon dioxide than either car or air travel. This and other steps can reduce your carbon footprint. Consider carbon offsetting to mitigate any remaining greenhouse gas emissions.

Amtrak Recycles

Amtrak is committed to making recycling an integral part of train travel and strives to protect the environment and conserve its resources by reusing material, recycling waste and preventing pollution.

Auto Train: Earth-Smart Travel

When you ride the Auto Train and take your vehicle off the road, you're giving the earth a break too. You'll save your car and help the earth every time you ride.

Environmental Report

We are dedicated to the ongoing mission of building a safer, greener, healthier railroad. Learn more about our projects and progress in the latest reports.

Going "Green" on Acela

When it comes to defining those terms in the transportation industry, Acela Express is at the head of the class.