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America's Railroad

Amtrak - America

For more than four decades, Amtrak has been safely and efficiently moving generations of Americans where they want to go, whether their journey lasts a few miles or a thousand. But Amtrak does more than move people forward — we help America's economy move full steam ahead. Last year alone, Amtrak contributed over $7.4 billion to the US economy and supported more than 100,000 jobs.

With more scheduled stops at more than 500 communities nationwide, we plan to keeping the momentum going — connecting small towns to urban centers and buying goods and services from every corner of the country to support and maintain our rail network.

Amtrak and Weidmann Pie Company

The future of passenger rail in America remains bright. Over the last decade, demand for Amtrak services has outpaced growth in the general population. From 2001 to 2012, the US population grew by 12 percent while Amtrak ridership skyrocketed by 40 percent — demonstrating that passenger rail is a travel option Americans desire.

But Amtrak does more than simply operate trains. Here are a few more examples of Amtrak's impact on the economy:

  • Six jobs are created across the US for every job in the rail transportation industry
  • For every million dollars that Amtrak spends on construction activity, 23 jobs are supported
  • 60 American suppliers from more than 50 cities helped support the creation of 70 new locomotives

For every community Amtrak serves, there are countless more that benefit from our work, and we are honored to serve as America’s Railroad and an engine of economic progress.