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Become an ACAC Member

We are very glad that you are interested in the Committee. Letters of application are accepted all year long and are reviewed each spring/summer for appointments in the beginning of October. To maintain the committee's commitment to the diversity of passenger needs, ACAC invites candidates who use Amtrak for business travel, vacation, and are seniors or people with disabilities.

Baseline requirements for appointment are:

  • Attend two national meetings per year within the Amtrak system.
  • Participate in internal committee proceedings and team projects accomplished via teleconferences and e-mail. 
  • Fulfill minimum rail travel requirements. Long distance train riders must travel three 500 mile trips and short distance riders, six 60 mile trips, per year at their own expense.
  • Complete trip reports on the minimum rail travel requirements.

While there is no application form, if you are interested in serving with the ACAC, please send (1) a letter of interest explaining how your travel, customer, educational and work experiences can benefit Amtrak and the committee's work, (2) a resume, (3) a list of the short- and long-distance Amtrak trips that you have taken during the past 12 months, and (4) planned trips for the next 12 months.

To apply, send an application package to:

Ms. Karen Finucan Clarkson acac@amtrak.com


Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee
505 Capitol Court, NE Suite 300
Washington, DC  20002

All candidates will be given full and careful consideration based upon ACAC's need for regional and demographic representation. Thank you for your interest and support.

Amtrak and NARP employees and their relatives may not serve.