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Safety & Security

Amtrak Police

Amtrak Police Safeguard America's Railroad and the Rail-Traveling Public

Amtrak, along with the Amtrak Police Department, has a range of behind-the-scenes and front-line security measures in place to ensure passenger rail security.

Among these security measures, some of which are conducted on an unpredictable or random basis, passengers may notice any of the following in stations or onboard trains:

  • Uniformed police officers and Special Operations Units
  • Random passenger and carry-on baggage screening and inspection*
  • K-9 units
  • Checked baggage screening
  • Onboard security checks
  • Identification checks

*With due respect to passengers' privacy, the random screening and inspection of passengers and their personal items will be completed as quickly as possible - usually in less than a minute. Passengers failing to consent to security procedures will be denied access to trains and refused carriage, and a refund will be offered.

Crime Prevention Tips for Travelers

The Amtrak Police Department recognizes the value of our passengers and employees as an extra set of eyes and ears and asks for your help in identifying possible safety or security concerns. If you See Something, Say Something.

At Stations
  • Do not approach or pat police dogs.
  • Always keep your baggage and belongings in sight and never leave them unattended.
  • Only use authorized Amtrak Red Cap service for assistance.
  • Never accept a package or baggage from strangers.
  • Carry handbags with the zipper or snap against your body and wallets in front or inside pockets.
  • Never display large sums of money while in a crowd.
  • Be aware of anyone watching your credit or debit card transactions.
Onboard Trains
  • All baggage should be properly tagged. See the conductor for baggage tags if required.
  • Place baggage on overhead racks or in designated storage areas.
  • Do not place anything under seats.
  • Keep all belongings with you at all times, especially valuable items.

The Amtrak Police Department encourages anyone who notices something suspicious or unusual to speak directly with our on-duty officers, station personnel, train crew members, or to dial our 24-hour call center at 1-800-331-0008, or 911 and report it immediately.