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Late trains often make up time en route and may arrive earlier than expected. When trains are late, we suggest you arrive at your departure station prior to the estimated arrival or departure time.

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Late trains often make up time en route and may arrive earlier than expected. When trains are late, we suggest you arrive at your departure station prior to the estimated arrival or departure time.


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About Schedules and Timetables


Schedule Image

We use the term "schedule" to refer to a web-based listing of the dynamically generated results of your search of the Amtrak booking system.

Such a schedule search will provide you with a complete listing of available itineraries for your selected departure and arrival cities for a particular date or dates. To see a schedule that meets your needs, click on the 'Schedules' tab in the fare finder box and enter your departure and arrival stations and your departure date.

Getting route information by performing a schedule-based search on the Amtrak web site has several advantages over getting route information in a timetable. In particular, searching by schedule:

  • Provides you with the most up-to-date information available.
  • Informs you if a particular service is sold out.
  • Provides you with route and service information spanning multiple routes and services.
  • Enables you to find service information without knowing the name(s) of the route(s) serving your desired departure and arrival points.
  • Provides you with optional itineraries for the date you want to travel. (If no service is available on that date, our system will provide information about the schedule for the following day.)

Timetable Image

In general, we use the term "timetable" to refer to a printed (or printable) listing of departure and arrival times for Amtrak trains/services. (See the example at right.)

Please note that timetables are subject to change and do not reflect temporary schedule changes. We strongly urge you to confirm arrival and departure times with an online schedule search.

Some timetables provide information for one route. Other timetables cover multiple routes.

Timetables are designed principally to be used in hard-copy, printed format. We provide you with access to timetables in Adobe® PDF format, so you may download them and easily print them on your printer. To obtain timetables, click on the 'Timetables' tab on the top navigation bar and select a timetable from the 'Timetables' box.

Once you have downloaded a timetable, use these instructions to find departure and arrival information:

  1. Locate your desired departure city/station in the middle column.
  2. Locate your desired arrival city/station in the middle column.
  3. Look at the arrows on either side of the middle column of cities. Determine the direction of the train and whether you should be looking at times associated with the 'Read Up' or 'Read Down' column.
  4. On the line of your departure station, read across in the to the column labeled 'Days of Operation'. Your departure time is the intersection of the times in the 'Read Up' or 'Read Down' column and your departure station.

Important points to consider when using a timetable:

  1. Days of Operation: During holiday periods, days of operation may vary. Be sure to check the 'Will Also Operate' and 'Will Not Operate' columns of the timetable.
  2. Train Service Symbols: Each train service has its own specific services noted in the 'Symbol' column. A legend is available in the 'Symbols and Reference Marks' section of the timetable.
  3. Directional Arrow: Be sure to carefully review your direction of travel and match up the departure times with the direction you are traveling in.
  4. Italic Type: This indicates a connecting train or Thruway motorcoach service.
  5. Shading: Shading indicates that a train requires a reservation.