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Quiet Car

Amtrak offers Quiet Cars on many corridor trains, providing a peaceful, quiet atmosphere for passengers who want to work or rest without distraction.

Quiet Talking Only

Passenger conversation must be in quiet, subdued tones, and should be limited. Passengers who want to carry on extended conversations should move to another car.

No Phone Calls

Passengers may not make or receive calls on cellular phones, including smartphones. If a call must be made or answered, the passenger must move to another car.

Mute Your Device

Passengers may not use any device making noise, including:

  • Cell phones, smartphones and pagers
  • Music devices or handheld game devices without headphones
  • Portable CD or DVD players without headphones
  • Laptop computers with audible features enabled

Passengers using headphones must keep the volume low enough so that the audio cannot be heard by other passengers.

Passengers who are unable to follow these guidelines will be asked by Amtrak personnel to move to another car.


Seating in the Quiet Car is on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved. There is no additional charge to sit in the Quiet Car. To provide space for all who want to ride in the Quiet Car, passengers may occupy only one seat per person. Please do not use adjacent seat space for personal belongings. Passengers who board trains and find that seats are only available in the Quiet Car must follow the Quiet Car guidelines.


Overhead lighting in the Quiet Car is normally dimmed to provide a more restful atmosphere. Reading lights may be used and emergency lights will remain lit.

Trains with Quiet Cars

The following trains currently offer Quiet Cars. The availability of a Quiet Car on a train is shown by a Quiet Car symbol Quiet Car Available when making a reservation and in the Timetable.

Route Offering Quiet Car Location of Quiet Car
Acela Express Adjacent to First Class car
Northeast Regional Adjacent to Business Class car
Keystone Service Adjacent to locomotive
Hiawatha Service Rearmost car
Select Capitol Corridor Trains Check with conductor
Select Empire Corridor Trains Adjacent to locomotive