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Amtrak Response to H1N1 Virus Outbreak

General Background

Since the H1N1 flu outbreak began in late April, Amtrak has been proactive to safeguard the welfare of our passengers and employees. To respond to the outbreak, Amtrak activated its Pandemic Flu Plan shortly thereafter and it remains in effect. In addition, Amtrak is closely monitoring and following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.

While Amtrak is asking our employees to be watchful, we are reminding everyone there is no reason for undue alarm, particularly since the railroad has procedures in place to manage this kind of situation.

Amtrak Actions
  • Amtrak's Environmental Health and Safety department and company-wide Pandemic Flu Task Group is meeting frequently and is closely monitoring the reported incidences of H1N1 virus in the United States. In addition, Amtrak is working with several federal and state authorities to obtain updated information and guidance.
  • Front line Amtrak employees that interact directly with passengers (on board train crews and station staff) have been instructed to review and implement the company's Serious Communicable Disease Protocol.
  • Employees have been educated on the symptoms of the H1N1 virus and are reminded to practice good personal hygiene, such as frequent hand washing.
  • Based on the information available, current cleaning and disinfection practices for facilities and train equipment is effective against the H1N1 virus. Amtrak will continue to make sure our passenger car cleaning procedures remain effective.
  • Amtrak's "Conditions of Carriage" describes the railroad's policy to refuse to carry passengers or to remove passengers from a train, including individuals who, among other reasons, "pose a health, safety or security hazard to other passengers or employees.
  • Amtrak's normal refund policies continue to apply for passengers canceling or postponing their travel. If passengers are denied travel because of a determination that they are exhibiting flu symptoms, a full refund will be provided for any unused portion of their ticket(s).