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Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee

Welcome to the Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee (ACAC), a volunteer organization that represents the needs and concerns of the traveling public to Amtrak management.

Established in 1997, the committee’s purpose is to:

  • establish and maintain consistent and responsive communications between Amtrak and its customers,
  • improve the quality of service from the customer's point of view,
  • provide an avenue for direct input to management about customers' perception of service, and
  • facilitate inclusion of customer observations into service monitoring and modification.

Whether the issue is safety, service or travel for passengers with disabilities, the ACAC is structured to give immediate, informed feedback from the customer's perspective to management.

The ACAC comprises a group of 25 volunteers that represent the diversity of Amtrak customers from every corner of the United States. The committee acts as a customer service and product focus group meeting several times a year with Amtrak senior management to ensure that the voice of the customer is heard.

Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee members are among the most active of the railroad's passengers. Members are frequent Amtrak riders who commute daily between major cities on Amtrak and/or travel across country several times a year. During each trip, members gather input from passengers about their experiences with Amtrak. In addition, each member serves on regional service committees that focus on specific issues or markets.

ACAC Highlights

Because the work of the Advisory Committee is just that, advisory, the work of the group is accomplished in close collaboration with Amtrak management.

Notable accomplishments resulting from the partnership between ACAC members and Amtrak include: The Quiet Car; The Customer Service Employee Recognition Award; audio, video and live presentations to enhance employee customer service and sensitivity training; daily internal Customer Service Tips of the Day; Accessible station recommendations; Food and Beverage Options; Late Train and Bus Substitution Protocol; and recycling initiatives.

ACAC members participate in community outreach activities including Train Day, State Fairs, Great American Station Conferences, Student Fairs and AARP Conventions.

Current projects support the Amtrak goals of Safer, Greener, Healthier and a more connected transportation system.

Contact Information

Amtrak customers who wish to submit an employee or service commendation or request a refund may call 1-800-USA-RAIL and ask to speak with the Customer Relations department.

For more information about ACAC, send a note to acac@amtrak.com.